Stanley Vale

Tim, Kevin & Dominic Bower
Horned 4595
77 Stanley Vale Lane
Big Ridge Road
Uralla NSW 2358
Stanley Vale is located 10km east of Uralla just off Big Ridge Road
Tim: 0421 704 598 Dom: 0423 327 690
Tim Bower
Mixture of improved and improved native pasture
Founded on Merryville and Tasmanian bloodlines. New bloodlines introduced through selective use of outside AI sires.

  • Inaugural winner of the unhoused section of the 2014 New England Field Days Ultimate Merino Ram Competition with a 2-tooth Superfine Ram.

  • Numerous wool preparation awards including New England Wool Ultimate Clip Preparation Award and the Emenegilda Zegna Unprotected Wool Trophy.

  • Stanley Vale regularly achieves a 1PP rating for excellence in wool preparation

  • Our 2014 drop rams include a number of individuals who are trait leaders for Yearling Fibre Diameter (YFD), Yearling Staple Strength (YSS), Yearling Fibre Coefficient of Variance (YFDCV) ASBVs


  • Stanley Vale Merino Stud produces elite wool, rams and semen from a stud nucleus of 1000 ewes whilst maintaining a commercial ewe flock as well.

  • Whilst maintaining the traditional wool style and micron sought by the Italian Superfine market Stanley Vale aims to produce long-stapled rams with higher fleece cuts and body weights that are resilient to harsh winters. 

  • Our ewe breeding flock had an average fleece weight in the main line of ~4.6kg and an average micron of 16.3um at 2015 shearing.

  • All our stud rams are measured for a range of key traits, are NEFT tested and have Australian Sheep Breeding Values (ASBVs).

  • Stanley Vale is Footrot Free, has Brucellosis Free accreditation and OJD MN3 status.


Each year Stanley Vale offers a range of stud and flock rams for sale through:

  • Our annual on property sale held on the first Friday in February each year.

  • The Armidale Housed Ram Sale.

  • By private arrangement throughout the year.

Rams are offered for sale as 2 tooths and 4 tooths, mainly unhoused with a selected number of housed rams available.
On-site inspections are welcomed at any time of the year by appointment.
For more information about our rams or upcoming sales please visit our website