Rob & Katrina Blomfield
Horned 4773
Walcha NSW 2354
35Km north/east of Walcha on Table Top Rd.
(04) 6777 9189
Katrina Blomfield
Undulating to hilly pasture improved trap soil
500 stud ewes 3000 flock ewes

  • In the latest publication of Superior Sires, Karori has entered 3 sires into the New England Sire Evaluation between 2012-2016. Those 3 sires had 32%-41% more tops than the average of the 228 sires entered into Sire Evaluations across Australia during that period as well as between 24%-31% less culls than the average.

  • Karori is a supplier of wool to a new iconic Australian brand "Bluey Merino". Bluey Merino is making uniquely soft garments in Australia for elite athletes using 16.0-16.5 micron wools from Karori.

  • Excellent ASBVs for Eye Muscle Depth (EMD). Karori is performing well above the National Average for Eye Muscle

  • Excellent ASBVs for Staple Strength. 47% of the price received for your wool is now based on staple strength

  • Excellent FDCVs which are 1.5-2.0 below the National Average. Karori consistently has excellent CVs in long wool (as against good CVs in short wool which is much easier to achieve)

  • 1.5u to 3.0u below national average for Fibre Diameter with some rams in top 1% for fineness

  • One of the leading studs in Australia for worm resistance.  Karori has a flock average ASBV (Australian Sheep Breeding Value) for YWEC of -28. Karori has been breeding for worm resistance for 15 years

  • Above average for FP+  index in Australian Sheep Genetics (SGA) database


  • "A young progressive and dynamic stud producing exceptionally soft, low micron, quality wools"

  • "Sheep bred in the paddock for the paddock so will perform under normal commercial conditions. Emphasis is on profitability by breeding sheep with: "

  • Excellent plain bodies. Karori has ceased mulesing in a challenging climate.

  • Exceptional softness

  • High fleece values

  • Deep,well-defined crimp

  • Pronounced white lustre

  • Excellent staple length

  • Frame & constitution

  • Worm resistance

Karori also has sheep with unique features that contribute to the quality of meat on the carcase if the ewes are used for producing prime lambs. 5 out of 8 sires used as sires in the 2016 progeny drop are trait leaders for intramuscular fat (IMF) with an average ASBV of +.71 (avg in Merino Select is -0.17) and Shear Force (ShearF5) with an average of -1.38 (avg +0.8). These sires are in the top 1% for IMF and in the top 5% for Shear Force and are important traits for people wanting to produce a dual purpose sheep.  Intramuscular Fat is basically marbling and has been shown to have a significant impact on the flavour, juiciness, tenderness and overall likeability of lamb. Shear Force is correlated to tenderness and is a measure of the force required to cut through the loin muscle of lamb after 5 days of ageing. The more negative the ASBV the more tender the meat.


Location:"Karori" Walcha NSW 2354
Time:Starts 1pm Friday 2nd February 2018
Offered: 56 rams at auction + 40 private sale rams
 56 Superfine horned and semi-poll rams will be offered for sale on the 2nd February 2018. These rams display exceptional quality wools with unique softness & brightness, are plain bodied and have a great constitution.