Lachlan Fulloon
437 Enmore Rd
Dangarsleigh NSW 2350
16Klms SE on Dangarsleigh Rd
(02) 6775 1217 0427751217
Lachlan Fulloon. Duncan Lance. Angus Carter
Basalt / Trap
600 stud; 3150 Commercial
Two year average 16.2 (2 years and older)

  1. 2018 Glen Innes Wether Trial.  4 commercial Cressbrook blood teams combined average cut $10/hd better than overall trial average.

  2. Craig Wilson Wether Trial Alec Town.  2009 results Cressbrook ranked 3rd out of 20 bloodlines for fleece values.

  3. Pooled National Wether Trial results compiled by NSW DPI and Holmes, Sackett and Associates.  Cressbrook ranked 4th out of a total of 71 bloodlines analysed using 2005-06 prices.

  4. Craig Wilson Livestock and Australian National Field Day combined Wether Trial Cressbrook ranked 6th out of 60 bloodlines analysed using 2005-06 prices.

  5. Meirnos to Match - Hamilton Victoria 2006 This wether trial comprises 15 wethers from 3 client flocks.  Cressbrook ranked 3rd out of 29 bloodlines.

  6. Wagga Wagga wether trial Involved 11 prominent bloodlines from South-East Australia. 100 randomly drafted wethers per team.  Cressbrook were the overall winners of the Wagga Wagga wether Trial

  7.  Cressbrook sire 03/784 tops New England Sire Evaluation 2007 drop.  First for fleece value.  First for combined measurements.  Second for combined visuals.




  1. We don't feed our rams unless drought declared.

  2. We don't show

  3. We disclose all data, good and bad

  4. We don't trim feet, or prepare sheep for sale

  5. We let objective measurement carry us forward

  6. We will not tolerate serious visual or economic fault

  7. We measure our progress

  8. We have been doing it since 1954


Annual ram & surplus sheep sale
Time:Starts Friday 14th Feb 2020
Offered: 70 Rams 650 ewes