J.E. & L.A. Holley
65 Holleys Lane
Tenterfield NSW 2372
3kms west of Tenterfield, 65 Holleys Rd, off Mt Mackenzie Rd.
(02) 6736 1323
mobile 0429400460
John Holley
John Crawford
Granite undulating country, rising to 5000ft
32 inches
Rockbank blood introduced by A.I. Yoorooga bloodlines

  • 'Holley Rock", grandson of RockBank Mt Sturgeon, was top priced sale ram at the 2008 Armidale Ram Show and Sale. The ram sold for $18,000 to Leo and Judy Blanch, West Vale Merino Stud, Wollun and Tony and Janet Gall, Wilson's Creek Merino Stud, Uralla. Micron 17.7, SD 2.3, CV 13.2 CF 100%. Agents for the Sale AWN.

  • Yoorooga's Champion Novice Ram at Mudgee Ram Show and Sale 2008 sold for $12,000 to Geoff and Robyn Rayner, Pomanara Merino Stud, Hill End and the Cole family, Turon Hill Merino Stud, Sofala. Mt Sturgeon family, Micron 15.9, SD 2.3, CV 14.5, AWN 's John Croak purchasing agent.

  • Armidale 2010 lead ram sold to the Ostinin Bros. for $6250.

  • Also in 2010 an outstanding August shorn junior sire, Yoorooga Jupiter, was sold privately to Turon Hill Stud, Sofala, for $5000.

  • Armidale Ram Sale 2011- August shorn junior sire, Yoorooga Kenny, (16.3 micron) sold for $8000 to Grant Christopherson, Molong.

  • Grand Champion Fleece at 2011 Australian Fleece Competition, Bendigo, was won by Yoorooga, with a 16.9 micron extra superfine ewe fleece scoring 95.35 out of a possible 100 points.

  • Armidale Ram Sale 2013 - rams sold to $4,200

  • Supreme Sheep 2013 Tenterfield Federation Sheep Show (Show Ram by RB Grant)


  • Yoorooga is a daughter stud of Rock-Bank Merino Stud, Victoria. Yoorooga produces a distinctive type of superfine and ultrafine bright, bulky, softhandling fleece with well defined crimp.

  • From our 2009 and 2010 AI programs, Rock-Bank's sire 'Grant' has produced some outstanding young rams exhibiting stylish wool, excellent conformation and outlook.

  • 2011  AI sires -  RB Prince, RB Bumble and RB Super Silky.

  • 2011  Yoorooga sires - Yoorooga Keeper (323 family) and Yoorooga Jack (by HB125 Bingo)

  • 2012 AI sires - RB Eureka, RB Tim and Conrayn Governor 61

  • 2012 Yoorooga sires - HB 7067 (son of HB125) and Yoorooga Izzy  (323 family)


Location:Yoorooga, 3 Km west of Tenterfield, 65 Holleys Rd off Mt Mackenzie Rd.
Time:From 1/12/17
Offered:25 stud and flock rams and semen
Phone or email for appointment  to view and purchase rams.


Location:Armidale Exhibition Centre
Time:Wed 7th Feb  201810:00:00
Offered:1 Stud Ram