Whyworry Park Merino Stud

Darryl Carter
Horned 3962
Whyworry Park
Uralla NSW 2358
Kingstown Rd 5km west of Uralla
(02) 6778 4147
(02) 6778 4147
Dr John Lax
Highly improved pastures on blue granite supered annually
Whyworry Park

  • 1996 - 4th in New England Superfine Clip Competition

  • 1997 - 4th in New England Superfine Clip Competition

  • 1998 - 4th in New England Superfine Clip Competition

  • Has been producing quality rams for group members for 12 years. Producing robust, large, plain bodied sheep with soft, deeply crimping long white wool.

  • 2010 - 2nd place in the Ermenegildo Zegna Unprotected Wool Trophy

For the last 6 years we have not mulesed. During that time we have managed to drastically reduce the incidence of flystrike in our flock and also to increase the size of our sheep.

The stud aims to provide highly profitable genetics for our clients by providing highly fertile sheep with good bone structure, constitution and frame size suitable for a variety of environments with heavy wool cuts whilst resistant to fleece rot and flystrike.

The wool is targeted for the premium markets of qaulity wool for both the breeder and processor with excellent staple strength, brightness, whiteness, soft handling, well defined crimping, even length, excellent bellies and free of pigmentation. Choice of rams with the required crimp frequency and correct clip preparation will allow clients to target specific markets, maximise production and returns available from premiums associated ASF2 and ASF3 wool types. The large frame size maximises carcass returns.

Armidale Ram Sale
Location:    Amidale
Time: Starts Wednesday 1/2/2012
Offered: 3 Rams

Annual On-Property Sale
Location:    Whyworry Park

376 Kingstown Rd
Time: 10am Wednesday 15/2/2012
Offered: 30 Rams