Deeargee Pastoral Company Pty. Ltd.

Hugh and Ian Sutherland
1170 Gostwyck Rd
Gostwyck NSW 2358
Deeargee is located 13km east of Uralla on the Gostwyck Road, 35 km SSE of Armidale (via Uralla) and 56 km NNE of Walcha (via Uralla).
(02) 6778 4659
(02) 6778 3315
Greg Andrews
Merryville & Cromarty

  • In March 2005 Deeargee purchased half of the "Cromarty" Stud flock. These ewes remained on "Cromarty" for a period to be joined to the top "Cromarty" poll and horned sires. The "Cromarty" sheep were selected for their superior wool style characteristics to complement the existing large frame of the Deeargee sheep.

  • Adult average micron 2005: 17.7 microns Hogget average micron 2005: 15.53 microns Deeargee has been benchmarking the performance of its flock since 1997 for a range of production indicators. During this period our flock has consistently performed well into the top 5 per cent of the businesses measured.


  • Stud Classer: Greg Andrews, National Manager Elders Premier Wool (0408) 943 050 Bloodline: Merryville and Cromarty

  • We aim to produce large framed fine wool sheep that perform in a range of environments with a minimum of husbandry requirements. All flock and stud sheep are individually visually classed with this appraisal augmented by the selective use of indexed objective measurement information.


Armidale Unhoused Sale
Location:Armidale Showground
Time:Mon Feb 4 2013
Deeargee rams are available for inspection and purchase on property from late January each year.


Time:Starts Thursday 1/3/2012
Offered:6,492 sheep (forecast)
On the first Wednesday of March each year Deeargee offers large lines of commercial sheep at our annual on property reduction sale.